The Venture Class

The Venture class is a starship built by Starfleet. it is a scoutship. It is built to be fast to explore space, and escape ships that encounter it. It has a single pulse phaser, but is not very powerful, and has little armor, so it is not ideal for combat. It also has a powerful sensor array, so it can be used to detect ships from a far distance.




Build Time-6 seconds

Dilithium Cost-55

Metal Cost-0

Shield Strength-55

Shield Recharge Rate-0.5 per second.

Hull Stength-49


A single forward firing pulse phaser, 11 damage points.

Special Weapon-Tachyon Detection Grid- Allows the Venture to detect cloaked ships, also used on sensor arrays.


The lightly armored, highly maneuverable scout vessel is capable of deep space travel. The Venture-class ship has limited space, preventing a large crew compliment. Designed primarily for reconnaissance and short-range exploration, it is equipped with a single forward-firing pulse phaser, should it need to engage in combat. It is ideal for quickly exploring unknown areas of space.


The Venture Class originated from the movie Star Trek: Insurrection, as the Federation Mission Scoutship. However, the one from the movie was different, only holding 1 person, and equipped with phasers and torpedoes.