Planets are map objects and resources. Planets are where metal is mined. Metal is the second most important resource in the game, used to build many ships and stations. Species 8472 converts it into biomatter. Planets also provide crew, needed for all ships, and certain stations. The planets must be colonized first to gain crew. Species 8472 does not use crew.

Planet typesEdit

Class DEdit


Class D planets are rocky planetoids. They cannot support life, but have a largest amount of metal. They are most likely similar to the planet Pluto

Class HEdit

Class H planets are dry, making them desert
planets, similar to the planet Vulcan. They can support sparse populations, and have a large amount of metal.

Class JEdit

Class J planets are gas giants similar to Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, or Neptune. They are the largest planets, and have rich amounts of metal, but cannot be colonized.

Class KEdit

Class K planets are arctic worlds similar to Rura Penthe. They are probably the least useful planets, since they can only support light populations and have light metal deposits.

Class LEdit

Class L planets are rocky with high temperatures, similar to class H planets. However, they can harbor more people, but have small metal deposits.

Class MEdit


Class M planets are similar to Earth, having a Nitrogen-Oxygen atmosphere and the ability to support large populations. However, they have the least access to metal.