The Galaxy-class is a type of explorer and battleship used by Starfleet from the mid 24th century to the 25th century. It is one of the largest vessels ever constructed by Starfleet.




Introduced into Starfleet in the early 2360s, the Galaxy-class was designed to be the flagship of the fleet. A well-armed and formidable class of ship, the Galaxy-class has been at the heart of exploration and defense of the Federation. Galaxy-class ships have the ability to separate their saucer section from the stardrive section, making them one of the fleet’s most versatile classes.

Saucer separationEdit

Saucer separation is generally employed so that the saucer section—which contains most of the crew—can remain in relative safety while the star drive (or battle) section goes into battle or other hazardous situations. Saucer separation can only be attempted at sub-light speeds and not while the ship is at warp speed. While separated, the following rules apply:

```Saucer Module:```

• Not capable of warp speed, only impulse speed

• Contains 71% of the total crew

• Contains shorter range sensors than stardrive section

• Faster impulse speed

• 2 Phaser strips

• 1 aft-firing photon torpedo