The Diamond

The Diamond is a starship built by the Borg. It is a science ship, with 4 special weapons able to help change a battle. It is armed with energy beams and torpedoes. This ship is the Borg Queen's ship in the campaign.


Officers/Crew Cost-10/350
Build Time-50 sec.
Dilithium/Metal Cost-400/150
Weaponry/ Shield & Hull Strength-
Phaser -80 damage points
Photon torpedoes-40 damage points
Shield Strength-600
Shield Recharge Rate-3 per second
Hull Strength-600
Special Energy-1000
Special Energy Recharge Rate-10


Phaser-80 damage points

Torpedoes- 40 damage points

Special Weapons-

Ultrinium Burst- Fires a burst of energy that hits multiple targets. It is somewhat similar to the Chain Reaction Pulsar, hitting multiple targets, although in a beam form. It does a large amount of damage.

Nanites- When used, this special weapon messes up the computer systems of a vessel. If this is used on a human player, then the windows, such as the minimap, resource indicators, or other menus ingame will move throughout the computer screen. If this is used on a computer player, they will not be able to use their special weapons.

Shield Remodulation- When used on an allied ship, it will be impervious to attack for a limited time.

Computer Override- When used on an enemy ship, this will take control of the ship's computer and allow the ship to be controlled by the Borg. It can be used to dissassemble a station, attack an enemy, or other purposes.


The Diamond’s function in the collective is to assist the coordinated assimilation of unassimilated fleets and stations. The Diamond is equipped with an energy beam and can be adapted with distinct technologies necessary to accomplish its function.


This ship originally appeared in the Star Trek Voyager episode "Dark Frontier" as the Borg Queen's ship.


The Nanites attack breaks the fourth wall, since it affects the human playing the game.

Computer Override can be used to assimilate Species 8472 in a way. If the attack is used on a Mother, it can be used to build an embryo, and then advance up their tech tree. It will also be free, since the Borg use no biomatter. Any other race that captures a borg diamond and has the ability to use it's special weapons can do this as well.