The Defiant Class

The Defiant class is a starship built by Starfleet. It is a destroyer. It is stronger than a scoutship, and is able to support a fleet. It is armed with 2 pulse phasers.




Build Time- 12 seconds

Dilithium Cost-140

Metal Cost-0

Shield Strength-100

Shield Recharge Rate-0.75 per second.

Hull Stength-295


4 Pulse Phaser cannons, each doing 7 damage points, for a total of 28 damage points if all hit.

Photon Torpedoes- 30 damage points

Special Weapon- Antimatter Mines- These mines stay in place until they detect the engine signatures of enemy ships, then home in on the ship. It has 350 damage points per mine, and each mine lasts for 180 seconds.


Initially designed as an escort vessel, the Defiant-class began development in 2366 with the explicit intent of defending the Federation against the Borg. Since their initial production run, the Defiant has quickly filled the ranks of the Federation fleet and is now one its most abundant starships. Each Defiant is outfitted with two forward- firing pulse phasers on its bow, allowing it to unleash a barrage of firepower at any opponent they face.


The Defiant class is the main starship for Deep Space Nine. It was first seen in the episode "The Search", and was originally developed to fight the Borg, but was mostly used to fight the Dominion. The USS Defiant's captain was Benjamin Sisko.


The Defiant appears to have been weakened since Deep Space Nine. The Defiant in Armada 2 has photon torpedoes instead of quantum torpedoes, and doesn't have the phaser beams that were used in Deep Space Nine.