here are some rules you need to follow in the chat.

  • please do not do any bullying of any kind.
  • do not use all caps. we'll ask if it was an accident.
  • please do not spam, if it was an accident, we'll ask.
  • if you have some questions about the game that one reason the chat is there.
  • if there trouble on the chat, say "!mods" to ping everyone that has the star. us say their username to ping them
  • RPs (role plays) are allowed of any wiki kind. but it can be in pm if some other users don't want that type of RPs. we encourage RPs oh this game though.
  • NO bad language.
  • Do not lie to anyone, even the admins. there can be users that will do it.
  • please have fun, and make new friends. no matter who they are.