The Borg Colony Ship

The Borg Colony Ship is a colony ship built by the Borg. It is designed to colonize planets and assimilate other planets. It is featured in the campaign, being a weapon that the Borg could use to assimilate planets with little warning. They operate differently from other colony ships, using a planetary assault beam to destroy all of an enemy population on that planet, and then beaming Borg down to the planet. While other colony ships go down to the planet's surface, the Borg Colony Ship is reusable.


Officers/Crew Cost-4/100
Build Time-30 sec.
Dilithium/Metal Cost-600/50
Weaponry/ Shield & Hull Strength-
Borg Ion Beam-200 damage points
Colonize Beam-Colonizes planets
Shield Strength-400
Shield Recharge Rate-1.5 per second
Hull Strength-400
Special Energy-1000
Special Energy Recharge Rate-8


The huge Borg colony ships are the ultimate planet assimilation weapon. The planetary assault beam fired from the tip of the colony ship is used to eliminate cities and planetary defenses, and then a swarm of drones is beamed onto the planet surface.


The Borg Colony Ships are original Star Trek Armada 2 ships