The Akira Class is a starship built by Starfleet. It is a cruiser, and is more powerful then a destroyer, so it complements a fleet well. It is armed with phasers and photon torpedoes.


Officers/Crew Cost-9/200
Build Time-12 sec.
Dilithium/Metal Cost-175/100
Phaser -40 damage points
Photon torpedoes-40 damage points
Shield Strength-350
Shield Recharge Rate-1.5 per second
Hull Strength-295
Special Energy-1000
Special Energy Recharge Rate-10


Phaser- 40 damage points

Photon Torpedo- 40 damage points

Special Weapon- Chain Reaction Pulsar- 30 damage points, plus 20 additional points per hit after the original impact. Fires a special torpedo which hits enemy targets, gaining power after each hit.

The Akira can be refitted to carry a Chain Reaction Pulsar. The Chain Reaction Pulsar is an enhanced torpedo that automatically homes in on the nearest enemy ship. It is capable of hitting multiple targets in quick succession, gaining energy with each hit. Intrepid


Put into production in 2370, the Akira-class was designed to provide offensive strength and support to Starfleet's armada. The Akira has since become an invaluable asset to Starfleet, first by helping to repel the Borg offensive of 2373, and later in the Dominion War. Its extensive shielding, maneuverability, and powerful phaser banks make it useful in both offensive and defensive situations.


The Akira Class